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Is It . .. .

Bad To Say Im Still In Love With You  ? :(

It Sucks. .

Knowing Your Alone, Yes You Have Family , Friends , But where That one Person
That You Want In Your Life To Be There For You To understand you and make you Feel Special Than Anyone Else. What Happened To True Love? Where Guy And Girl Knows Each other Inside&out , That Special chemistry.? 

Some Times You Get Tired Of Getting Used To Something instead
Of Like WOW Something Happening Everyday.

Karma’s A Bitch & It Bites 10x harder. :l. 


when your Some One Second Choice ,

What Makes Me Not Good Enough for
1st? .

Cool . 

Sooner Or Later Its All Going To Be Okay . <3 I Never Give Up On Hope.  

Don’t … . .

      listen to what people want from you. Listen to what you want. Your life it’s what you make it. If people don’t like your decisions they have a choice 1. stay and support or 2. leave and never come back into your life. In Life there is soo much to do and to keep your self limited is wrong , go outside go beyond your wildest dreams. People Tell You To Stop What You Want and Do what you have too. But to do that you have to live and follow whats in your heart .

     It maybe corny but it is true. When your 14-18 they tell you stop dreaming and grow up. You Forget your dreams and do what has to be done to please every1 else. I Say Follow your dreams do what you need to do to become who you are and what you want. That what gets you somewhere.

    Your Dreams your Decisions Decide where fate takes you. If you follow everyone  elses dreams for you you are not you . you are some ones creation of what they wanted to be and that not what you would want. Point Blank:

   Follow your dreams , Listen to what you want , And Make Sure you become the successful self you want to be , in the end you have to decided not them , and remember , be who you are not what they want you to be.

Just Voicing what I Feel :) 

Arent I … …

Worth Fighting  For? :’( <l3

The Thing That’ll Bother A Girl Is when You Put 110% Ignoring Your Friends Doing what You Think is Right Than , The Boy Being A Complete Douche bag , Knowing He can Be The most sweetest person In The World , But Crushes your Heart :( Makes you Think "WHAT DID I DO WRONG". Smh. Fuck Love ALl You Need is Oxygen.