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WHY are guys all the same ! like you put this nice guy act then you just turn into the douche you were really… .you just prove to me that ii cant open up to nobody again :’/. 


just hacked this bitch! I love you Diary! diaries a&f <3

I Want

Some One Who Want’s Me To Be Me.

Some One Who Accepts Me For My Mistakes.

That They Don’t Have To Be Ashamed Of Me In Public.

A Guy Who Would Give Me A lolipop Just To Be Cute. (lol)

A Man To JUST Be HIMSELF Instead Of Being SomeOne They’re Not.

Some Guy To Come Out Of Nowhere And Say Hi Without trying To Be Cool.

#Real #Love #YoLO

Hate The Fact

That Your Past Catches Up Too You And your Like Ah HELL!! 

I Wish I Can Just Start Fresh But You Can’t. -_- 



At The Fact That People Think Im This Cruel Person
That Im This Crazy Wild Chick. No Lol Im A Gentle

Kind Tough Person . Don’t Judge Till You Read. -_-


How Time Flies By … :/

3 Years Down

1 more to go.



Bride and groom cake